Welcome to Freedom Action

We believe in:

  • individual rights;
  • free markets;
  • and limited governments.

We believe that the federal government has grown far beyond its constitutional authority. It taxes and spends too much of the people’s money, and what it doesn’t take it tries to control through regulations. We believe that it is once again time to stand up for freedom and to put government back inside its constitutional limits.


Let’s face it: the believers in more and bigger government are in power in Congress and the Administration. They are aided by the special interests seeking handouts (of the people’s money) that have taken over Washington—environmental pressure groups, big business, labor unions, government workers, lawyers, and lobbyists.

Freedom Action’s goal is to create a gathering of grassroots activists and make their voices heard above the special interests and big government advocates. We want to mobilize the tens of millions of Americans who believe in freedom and the Constitution in the way that MoveOn has mobilized the big government advocates.


Freedom Action was founded in 2009 by a small group of political activists and policy experts at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit free market think tank with 25 years of experience in Washington, DC. Coley Jackson is President of Freedom Action and bring nearly 20 years of political organizing background to Freedom Action. Myron Ebell, director of energy and global warming policy at CEI, is Exectuive Director of Freedom Action. As Freedom Action grows, so will our staff, but we will remain a grassroots movement.

The Freedom Action Team
Coley Jackson, President
Myron Ebell, Executive Director
Al Canata, Treasurer

Questions?  Contact Al Canata at 202-331-2280.

Putting freedom on the offensive